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3 Best Practice Tips For New Driveway Installation

Deciding on a surface for your new driveway can be difficult because there are many variables to consider. Options such as asphalt, concrete and interlocking pavers are available – all with very different aesthetic and performance qualities. For a new driveway installation you should consider the proper time to install the driveway, the durability of the surface material and the proper method of installation. At Terra Firma, we often provide prospective customers with these three…Continue Reading

Why Can’t Parking Lot Structural Problems Just Be Paved Over?

Winter can wreak havoc on parking lots, creating potholes, cracks, and other structural problems. It may seem like a simple solution to just pave over a struggling parking lot with fresh asphalt. However, this will not fix any of your parking lot structural problems; you’ll just have a new parking lot that will quickly develop the same issues. You’ll just end up spending more money to fix the mistake. It’s better to approach your problems…Continue Reading