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Mirapave Asphalt Overlay Fabric

Pavement Restoration

Problem: Cracked Pavements

Cracked pavements allow surface water to permeate subgrade soils, which saturate and weaken the subgrade. Normal maintenance procedure is to repave with an asphalt overlay. This resurfacing procedure can extend the useful life of a pavement section at a lower cost than a full replacement. However, the extended useful service life of an overlay can be reduced by subgrade saturation/weakening which causes fatigue cracking and propagation of cracks from the original pavement through the existing overlay (reflecting cracking).

Solution: Mirapave Paving Fabric

The addition of the correct fabric into a pavement overlay reduces the effect of mechanisms which deteriorate pavements and increases the life of the overlay pavement section.
Mirapave , needle-punched heatset polypropylene non-woven fabrics with high asphalt absorption, are specifically designed for asphalt overlay applications.

When installed with a proper surface preparation and tack coat, Mirapave forms an impermeable membrane that prevents the penetration of surface water through the pavement and also provides a stress relieving layer which inhibits reflective crack growth.

Terra Firma is an industry leader in the installation of paving fabric. We use polyprolene paving fabric with PG64-22 grade asphalt. Paving fabric acts as a moisture barrier and extends the life of an overlay by 50 % or more.